B30 – Pung!, Queen’s College


Handmade Mahjong has always been a Hong Kong traditional handicraft. However, due to the advancement in machinery and technology, handmade mahjong has been gradually substituted by the machine-made one. The skills of handmade mahjong are losing and the new generations are less interested in mahjong nowadays. To arouse the public’s interest to the precious traditional craft, we have designed a set of T-shirts with the theme of handmade mahjong. We hope to pass on the culture to the new generation in a creative form.

On the back of the T-shirt, we include the elements of street sceneries in Hong Kong and also handmade mahjong. For the font of the words “Hong Kong”, they were carved by master of handmade mahjong. On the front of the T-shirt, we have three designs which include the “Red Dragon”, “Green Dragon” and “White Dragon” as the main elements. These three tiles are symbolic features of mahjong. We hope to promote the culture through our clear and impressive designs and more Hong Kong people can preserve the tradition.