B03 – Can Be, Buddhist Tai Hung College


Our company’s “Can Be” is selling HK‘s Traditional Cantonese Cultural canvas bag and HK‘s Traditional Cantonese notebook.

● HK‘s Traditional Cantonese Cultural canvas bag: The size of the bag is length 23cm, width 17.5cm, made of canvas, which is really suitable for daily because it can hold the essentials such as smartphones and keys, so your short trips can be more convenient. In addition, there are beautiful cultural patterns on the bag and they are designed by our teammates. These patterns are related to Hong Kong’s traditional culture, such as “duk haan yum cha”, which embodies the hospitality of Hong Kong people.

● HK‘s Traditional Cantonese Cultural Notebook: The size of the notebook is B5, and the paper of the notebook which can be written easily . The notebooks also have cultural pattern, which is also designed by our teammates, such as the Neon Lion Rock pattern and it brings out the spirit of Lion Rock that Hong Kong people usually mention.

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