B08 – Fairetell, Open Track Team 1


Fairetell Notebook HKD$30
Whether you are going to school or going to work, our A5 notebook is suitable for you to record things or plan your itinerary on lined paper. Using a hard cover, seam binding, printed with encouraging patterns and sentences, so that you no longer need to live in stereotypes and to be afraid to be yourself. There are 6 patterns for you to choose from.

Size: 140x210mm (100g paper)

The key features of our hard cover and seam binding are:
Strong and sturdy
Exquisite appearance
Not easy to break

Fairetell Keychain HKD$35
It can be hung on your keys, the zippers of your backpack or pencil case, etc. Not only can it prevent the keys from being lost and make it easier to pull the zipper, it can also add some small decorations to your bag. Using acrylic material with 6 cute patterns, each with a message to break the stereotype, we want you to feel the love and support we give you!

Size: 7cm (about 4mm thick)

The key features of our acrylic are:
High permeability
No yellowing or dark spots
No irritating smell

Fairetell Canvas Bag HKD$60
Whether you are going to class, work, shopping, or grocery shopping, our canvas bags are suitable for you. Pure white appearance, polyester cotton material, and 6 patterns with inspirational words for you to choose from. Includes interior pocket for your phone or other important items. With our canvas bag, you can always remind yourself that you can do whatever you want, not limited by stereotypes.

Size: 34x38cm

The key features of our polyester cotton are:
Good elasticity
Not easy to wrinkle

Fairetell Color Changing Cup HKD$90
Our cups are originally black in color, inspirational patterns and sentences will appear after adding hot water, which are suitable for you who need mental support at home or in the company. The ceramic round cup with matte frosted surface is smooth and warm to the touch, easy to clean. Non-slip cup bottom, so you do not have to be afraid of tipping the cup over. Drink a cup of warm water, have the courage to live out yourself, and break the stereotype. 6 patterns for you to choose from, especially if you are troubled by stereotypes.

Capacity: 301-400ml

The key features of our ceramic mugs are:
Clear texture
Comfortable grip

How to buy? PM us on instagram @fairetell.hk!