A25 – wenus, Kwun Tong Government Secondary School


JA Keychain (HKD$35/unit)
Hong Kong feelings, local cultural characteristics of Hong Kong, is the design concept of our keychain. We use Acrylic glue for the raw material of our keychain.

Size: 5*5 cm per one keychain
Material: Acrylic (metal buckle)

Environmentally friendly bag (HKD$60/unit)
An environmentally friendly bad that is printed with the original design of our students. The pattern on the top is about Hong Kong festival features and street signs, and carrying this bag walking in the street, can make you feel integrated into the overall environment of Hong Kong and increase your sense of belonging to this place.

Weight: 12 oz
Colour: off white
Material: canvas

– Practical
– Environmentally friendly

Drinking Tube Set
Considering that young people like to drink small drinks such as bubble tea and so on, we added a large-size drinking tube that is equipped with five drinking tubes and a cleaning brush.

Colour: silver
1. two 6mm*21.5cm straight drinking tube
2.two 6mm*21.5cm crook drinking tube
3. a 12mm*21.5cm straight drinking tube
4. a cleaning brush

– Cleanable
– Environmentally friendly
– Beautiful packaging printed with our trademark

How to buy it ?
– Go to the K11 pop-up shop.
– Send a private message to us in Instagram.
– Buy it in the internet from our shop line.

Instagram account: wenus.jacp