Charish, St. Paul’s Co-educational College


Water bottle

the water bottle by charish has a simplistic and cute design with our distinctive mascots, lublub and dubdub. perfect for picking up your incentive to take a sip of your beverage. it has a sustainable, durable material for everyday use.

volume: 1000 mL
material: polycarbonate
dimension: 7.5 * 29 cm
speciality: BPA free, quality certification

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Food container

a lunch box foodies will love — give yourself a delightful experience while consuming each meal. our mascots, lublub and dubdub, will definitely remind you to clear the container, minimising waste to the least. it is the most economical food container, coming with free utensils and a heat-proof bag.

compartments: 3
volume: 1250 mL
dimension: 26.7 * 19.5 * 7.3 cm
material: 304 stainless steel + polypropylene outer case
speciality: microwave-safe, quality certification, free utensils and heat-proof bag, spill-free

order via our shopline website!