4tis, Queen’s College

Our first product will be a storage box called Stokujo. Want to store your epidemic prevention stuff? Then stokujo must be suitable for you. This trendy storage box can store all your disinfection supplies efficiently and conveniently, safeguarding your health.
Next, our second product is a Recycle-cle. It’s a little handmade doll made of environmental friendly materials and can be transformed into a recycle bag.
Coming out last is our Hipster Stickers. With the fancy design and the trendy quotes, they would definitely bring you positive energy in daily life.

最後就係文青語錄貼紙喇!4tis 入面咁多(僞)文青,收埋收埋都唔少語錄,加埋流行潮語,設計整成貼紙,希望可以爲你提供正能量!

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