Coztaytion, Po Leung Kuk Lo Kit Sing (1983) College

In a fast-paced environment, who doesn’t want a space for relaxation and rest? Want a pleasant and fragrant memory? Coztaytion can help ! Coztaytion is a JA company that sells aroma stones which resemble desserts.An aroma stones is a solid that is made with plaster powder. You can add your own essential oil to the aroma stones to get a unique scent for your own.The products not only serve as decorative items but also have their functions such as memo holders and magnets. We also offer a DIY package for you and your family to assemble your distinct aroma stone, you can enjoy the fun of hand-crafting ! For more information, please check out our instagram page: coztaytion_plk83.

Coztaytion會賣甜品造型既擴香石,擴香石係一舊固體由石膏粉凝結而成,呢啲既擴香石每舊都係手工製造,係獨一無二,顧客可以自己添加香油,令擴香石更為獨特。我地的擴香石除了作為擺設外,還可以有其他的功用,例如夾在車的出風口,令顧客可以隨時隨地都會有一陣香味環繞住自己,從而達到放鬆同減壓既作用。我哋都有賣DIY嘅套裝,顧客可以親手組裝屬於自己嘅擴香石。如果想知更多就係我哋嘅instagram page:coztaytion_plk83 睇下啦!