Reminiscence, St. Joseph’s College

“Memories: A Timeless Travel in HK” is an atmospheric board game which sends the player into a fictional setting, where they revisit various landmarks in HK and get overwhelmed by waves of nostalgia. It is a game that simulates the real world, where chances are hard to comeby and reality is harsher than ever. The combination of strategy and luck makes this game appeal to all, no matter if you are an addicted gambler or a perceptive strategist.

“Memories: A Timeless Travel in HK” 是一款極具氣氛的桌上遊戲。遊戲將帶領玩家回到過去,到訪香港不同地標,感受懷舊氣氛。遊戲模仿真實社會,機會稍縱即逝。策略與運氣相結合,不論你喜歡以智取勝,抑或只希望碰碰運氣,這款遊戲都會相當適合你。