About the Programme

Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JA HK) is a registered charitable institution in Hong Kong and a member of JA Worldwide. We believe in the boundless potential of young people and provide a range of ‘Other Learning Experiences’ to inspire and empower them for success in a global economy. Using an activity-based learning approach, JA HK partners with educators, the commercial and public sectors to develop the Work Readiness, Entrepreneurial Thinking and Financial Literacy of young people in Hong Kong.

JA Company Programme (JA CP) is one of the largest youth entrepreneurship programs in Hong Kong. It provides an entrepreneurial learning experience for young people aged 15-18 and seeks to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurial, innovative and civic-minded talents for Hong Kong.


青年成就香港部 (JA HK) 為香港註冊慈善團體及JA Worldwide全球網絡的成員。我們相信年青人擁有無限潛能,透過提供各項「其他學習經歷」啟發及裝備他們為日後在環球經濟中成功做好準備。JA HK與教育界、商界、及公營機構緊密合作,以活動為本的學習模式增強香港年青人的就業準備、企業精神及理財知識。

JA學生營商體驗計劃 是香港最大的青年創業計劃之一,自2003年起為14至18歲的青年人提供學習創業的機會。此計劃旨在培育新一代具備創業精神,通過擔任公司的老闆和行政人員,體驗企業的經營 – 從團隊的組建、籌集資金、業務發展規劃、生產及營銷產品或服務,以至到公司清盤的整個商業週期。種種的體驗可讓參加者掌握必要的生活技能,進一步主導自己的人生。

Student Takeaways 學生得著

Marine Animal Protect Front
A JA Company from St. Francis Xavier’s School, Tsuen Wan, JA CP 2019/20

“The process of creating the product for sale and selling it is truly enjoyable as it lets us come up with ideas that we can work with for the programme. It also teaches us that teamwork makes the dream work. As each of us have a role in the programme and we help each other out to obtain the outcome we wanted.”

來自保良局李城璧中學的JA學生公司, JA CP 2019/20


Bears In Mind
A JA Company from Sacred Heart Canossian College, JA CP 2019/20

“It was a great opportunity to experience the rapidly changing business environment and learn the importance of teamwork and being flexible to the changes in the market.”

來自順利天主教中學的JA學生公司, JA CP 2019/20

「我認為商界義工能以他們專業的角度, 以他們的自身經驗提供意見及提點我們。 商界義工以導師身分參與此計劃對我們來說是一個很好的機會。」