A22 – HoengGong3, Open Track Team 5


In recent years, the eating culture of Hong Kong slowly shifted towards to the globalisation of food. Many different fusions were introduced but the traditional Hong Kong delicacies namely egg cakes and cart noodles are slowly fading away from the modern society, and so this is why our company HeongGong3 would like to bring back the classic Hong Kong cuisines to the public with a twist of cube-shaped food figurines. Our company’s product, Bites, originates from our small cube-shaped food figures. The small and fun-sized keychains our company sell include egg cake (normal and golden version) and apricot jam cake, all with the cube twist to bring uniqueness to our product. We aim to promote the traditional Hong Kong food back to the society and pass it on before it is completely wiped out of our culture. We as a Hong Kong company would love to preserve the one-of-a-kind Hong Kong long-established food, therefore we designed multiple food figures in hopes of bringing back the especial Hong Kong food and promote the Hong Kong food culture.