A31 – /Stre/titude, DMHC Siu Ming Catholic Secondary School


This product is a white camera with a transparent plastic case.  There are original designs on the case. It is focus-free with a 28mm lens. The size is 9.8cm x 6.5 cm. And the price of it is $180.

This camera aims at encouraging people to touch the grass, get in touch with nature, and record the daily life and grateful things around them.

Acrylic board+memo pad(for added purchase) :
This product is a white framed board with a heart on the left top corner and a white oval base with our company logo in the center. The price is 65.

Its size is 25.5×14.5×1 cm. Papers whose sizes are 17.7×12.5cm are provided for putting inside every month. A white ink pen is also provided. The whole set is $65. Memo pads are printed with our original designs. It is priced at HK$10 and can only be used for add-on purchases, not individually.

This acrylic board aims at providing a medium for people to write down the stress deep in their hearts and clean them from the board to relieve stress. It also allows people to mark down their goals and quotes monthly. Writing down things to be grateful for and a to-do list, helps people manage their time, organize their day and manage stress.