A13 – Co.MfortZone, Munsang College (Hong Kong Island)


1) Keychain $10
The cat patterns are doing different poses and movements, bringing guests a sense of healing. At the same time, we use Q-version drawings to highlight the cuteness of cats.

Material: Made of double-layer acrylic glue, mainly because the acrylic glue is not easy to break and for its unparalleled high brightness

Design: Cat pattern with words like hello, tired and sleepy, there are three styles in total

Size: 5×5cm

2) File $10
The cat pattern on the folder hides in the quilt, bringing the message that customers can take a break when they are busy with school or work and feel pressured. Customers can use it to store different files.

Material: PP material is used, and high-precision uv printing makes the pattern vivid and rich in texture.

Design: There are two types of quilts with cat patterns and the words [rest] and [Lazy]

Size: 31×22cm

3) Notebook $40
The cat on the cover of the notebook is like greeting customers, suitable for students, business people, etc. The inner pages are thin but the writing is smooth and ink-proof, a must-have for students!

Material: The cover uses hardcover hard shell technology, which is very solid and convenient

Design: The cute cat pattern makes a ‘meow’ sound, and the overall design is simple yet cute.

Size : 14.6 x 21.6 cm

4) Sticker $5
The stickers are painted with cats in different movements, which are very vivid and cute. Customers can use it to decorate the notebook or use it alone, suitable for different customers.

Material: writing paper PVC sticker material, students can take notes on the stickers.

Design: There are Q-version design and simple design, a total of six designs

Size: 5×5cm

5) Canvas bag $50
The cat pattern on the canvas bag is playing with a ball of yarn freely, reflecting that the public should have some time to relax and do what they like in their busy lives.

Material: cotton cloth, the material is strong and comfortable, and UV printing is added at the same time

Design: The cute cat is playing freely with a ball of yarn, and the canvas bag can be used sideways and diagonally

Size: 35×30cm