55 – The Ne𝔁t, Sacred Heart Canossian College

The Ne𝔁t Time Capsule – desk perpetual calendar (HKD$120)

Making good use of time and treasuring people around us are the design concepts behind this desk perpetual calendar. The design is inspired by Hong Kong’s traditional culture. It is made of balsa wood with the help of laser machines. It is based on a sketch of Victoria Harbour as background, and through altering the dice and clips to change the suitable dates & days. This customizable characteristic creates a unique and exquisite desk calendar.

Size: Length: 120mm × Height: 142mm x Width: 90.5mm

Main features of our products:
– 100% original design and 100% made in Hong Kong
– placing different combinations of wooden slabs on the background
– allow placing accessories on the top
– assemble the product

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