37 – Toté, HKUGA College


— Handmade Second-hand cloth tote bags —
We turn recycled second-hand cloths that are in perfect condition into stunning tote bags that would give you a pleasant surprise. Each tote bag is made from a cloth of your choice which makes them one of a kind. The sizes of the tote bags could fit anything from your phone, your wallet, to your tablets, which makes them fashionably useful for daily uses.

Material: As we are using second-hand cloth, customers have the ultimate ability to be creative with the type and colour of the cloth, making their own bag unique to them.
Sizes: 25 (length)X 26(width)cm,15 cm(handle length)

— Handmade Second-hand cloth pencil case —
The recycled corduroy cloth creates a nostalgic vibe to our spacious pencil cases. As corduroy cloth is extremely sturdy and easy to wash, there wouldn’t be a need to worry about breaking or cleaning your case.

Materials: we use recycled second hand cloth for the sides and corduroy for the main body
Colours: caramel brown and creamy white
Sizes:Large:26(length) X 10(hight)X 6(width) cm,Small:20(length) X 10(hight)X 6(width) cm

— Customisation —
Found a stack of old clothes that you’ve grown out of hiding in the corner of your room, but unwilling to let go of the memories? We’ve got you covered with our customisation service. Simply give us your second-hand cloth or unwanted but clean clothes, and we’ll revive them into brand new tote bags or pencil cases that could stay with you longer. The price would be determined by the size of the product you request.

We also have a special stamping service for every customer to decorate their bags.
If you have ordered a customised tote bags we ordered which is $55, you get to stamp your own bags with no limits.

If you purchase either our hand-made tote bag or pencil case, you get to stamp at most twice. The pattern you choose would not be limited.

If any company or organisation orders over 30 plain tote bags, they will get a personalised stamp of their choice to be stamped onto their bags.

The stamps are all handmade by our own and the patterns are Chinese traditional pattern.

— Giveaway —
If you have purchased at least two products from us, you would receive either an adorable cat or a tiger pin made out of excess cloth to accompany you for the new year!