5 – HOODIFY, St. Margaret’s Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School


Paragon hoodies (HKD$350)
We decided to make a unique product that has never been seen before in the clothing industry. Our hoodies provide the utmost comfort, practicality and most importantly, they are environmentally friendly, these hoodies have been made from leftover clothing fabric, crafted from designers from a hype-beast company.

➡️ The hoodies come in 2 colours:
1️⃣ Black Sapphire- Black base colour with white stripes, pink graphics and white bag
2️⃣ Amethyst-Bright purple base colour with white stripes, yellow graphics and yellow bag
❗️❗️ The hoodies come with a detachable bag that can be attached on to the back of the hoodie, all the bags are big enough to carry a laptop

Message in a bottle (HKD$39)
These products have been handcrafted by our own company using candles and recycled plastic water bottles, the bottles come with a card that gives a loving message to your recipient. These products can be given to your loved ones at this time of pandemic to express your gratitude or it can be used as a decoration. We hope to take small step by using reused plastic materials to change the world and stop plastic promotion.