7 – CALitCare, United Christian College (Kowloon East)


First of all, two 100% original designed stickers are put in our product. You can stick either one of them on the case of your calculator. We hope that by noticing it, you can feel the warmth we anticipate to project. And hopefully, the perplexity and frustration in you will recede. Since the stickers are 100% original, you can never find copies of it. Don’t miss your one and only chance!

Apart from the stickers, we also provide an informative QR code. HKDSE syllabus, for example permutations and combinations, is covered in it. Not only does it cover HKDSE syllabus, some examples that help you comprehend the content are provided as well.

I-ring and four anti-slip pads are included too. They can reinforce the stability of your calculator, thus allowing you to enhance the accuracy of your usage of the calculator. You can stick the anti-slip pads on the four corners and the I-ring on the middle of the case of your calculator.

All inconveniences of the usage of your calculator will be shattered into pieces by buying our product. Try it out and experience the joy of it!

Price: HKD$49