8 – Vixere, Renaissance College


Vixere’s necklaces (HKD$79) come in three designs, each inspired by Earth’s beautiful biomes and the endangered animals dwelling within them — the ocean biome with the blue whale, the rainforest biome with the Spix’s macaw, and the arctic biome with the polar bear. A double-layered stainless steel necklace, with an engraved and gold-plated animal charm and handmade jewel using recycled plastic granules.

Vixere’s canvas tote bags (HKD$39), featuring original illustrations, come in white and dark blue designs. Roomy and functional, they’re the perfect carry-around. Measuring 30cm in length and 34cm in height, it is made with pure 10oz 250gsm cotton that promotes the connection between sustainability and the preservation of biodiversity.

Wear their stories wherever you go. Where sustainability meets style — no one does it quite like Vixere.

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