27 – Bambu, St. Joseph’s College


-Bambu will be producing a range of bamboo-made products including a Bamboo Cup with Lid (HKD$49)  and two designs of Bamboo Cup Mats (HKD$20).

Source of production: VIETNAM
-The Bamboo Cup would be 12 cm (height) x 8 cm (diameter).
-Cups mats of size 9 cm (diameter) will also be available in Bambu.

Size & Design:
-Bamboo Cup:
~A cup lid will also be provided.
~Company name in designed fonts
~Logo engraving: L5 x W5cm(front) & L4 x W2cm(back) & 1cm per character and 0.5mm above circumference
-Bamboo Cup Mats:
~Our cup mats include 2 styles: Circle and Uneven.

Both the cup itself and the lid are being designed by our team with Bambu elements as well as sustainable related concepts add-ons.

The mats are engraved with our Bambu logo and people will be offered to purchase our products separately or in a set (HKD$62 for a cup and a mat).