3 – Pure, Stewards Pooi Kei College


JA Coffee Capsule Calendar (HKD$120)

Coffee Capsule Calendar can be used to hold coffee capsules, as well as customizing itineraries with the rubber board.
Remark: The string lights come with the calendar and are complimentary while stocks last.

The Coffee Capsule Calendar is environmental friendly, affordable and fashionable. As customers is always our first consideration, our company would like to solve time management problems of customers through customizing a calendar. There is a rubber board dividing into two sides. Customers can create their own daily schedule according to their needs through customization. The rubber board is a kind of wiped material with high flexibility. On the other side, it can be used for holding coffee capsules. The string lights are made of recycled capsules and come with the calendar. It is complimentary for aesthetic decoration. We hope to spread out the message of material reusability by reusing coffee capsules.

Size: Length 14cm x Width 14cm x Height 25cm

The main features of the calendar are:
– There is a rotating tray under the plastic boards for fulfilling customers with multiple angles
– The product has a strong three-dimensional effect. The visual effect can still be achieved through the string lights at night
– Various types of itinerary
– Smooth, durable and strong

Coffee Coaster (HKD$50/set)

A set includes four different shapes of coaster (one raindrop, one square, one triangle and one circle shape).

In order to protect the environment, we are promoting these coasters made of coffee grounds. We have collected and recycled the coffee grounds (which are left after brewing coffee). There are 4 different shapes of coasters, including raindrop, square, triangle and circle shape. The coasters are convenient for people to put their hot coffee on it and prevent damages to the table.

– Raindrop shape: 9cm x 15cm
– Square / Triangle / Circle shape: 9cm x 9cm

The main features of PURE Coffee Grounds are:
– An aroma of coffee
– Heat and wear resistant, water absorption
– Light and convenient to use

Environmentally Friendly – Seed Paper (HKD$15/set)

By recycling coffee capsules, coffee grounds and making seed papers, we can have a small potted plant, which can be a special gift including messages of environmental protection.

A set includes:
– 3 seed papers
– 1 coffee capsule pot
– mixed coffee grounds and soil

In our daily life, paper act as an accessory, we need to use paper no matter we are at school or working. At the same time, producing paper requires a large amount of deforestation, which will damage the ecosystem and pose some harmful effect towards the nature. The prosecution concept of our company PURE is to produce some environmentally friendly products, so we chose to start with paper – a product that we can see it everywhere, this is also the main reason why we PURE decided to produce paper with some environmentally friendly materials. In this product, we have used materials like seeds to produce.

Size: 6cm x 10cm

The unique key feature of environmentally friendly seed paper:
– Have a similar function with normal paper
– Prevent a maintenance of high level deforestation, environmentally friendly materials were used