enchkant, St. Margaret’s Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School

Eco-friendly paper lamp :
Materials used for the lamp covers are recycled paper and newspaper.
Designs of HK and carp fish are hand-carved onto the recycled paper, put the newspaper collage underneath, and wrap around a led light stand that can be controlled remotely,

HK-styled Crystal Globes :
There will be four different versions of the crystal globes, including the Victoria
Harbour, The Peak, Cha Chaan Teng, and vintage light signs. The crystal globe has a
wooden base carved with our company’s name, Enchkant. Inside of the globe is a
standing sticker with designs of Hong Kong’s popular sceneries. Original designed 3D miniatures, stickers of stars and moons will be additional options for buyers to decorate the globe.

燈罩使用的材料是再生紙和報紙。 再生紙上的香港高樓大廈和鯉魚圖案是用人手雕刻,並將報紙拼貼放到下面。用家可用遙控控制led燈座。

水晶球有一個 木製底座上刻有我們公司的名字Enchkant。水晶球內部裝有一個帶有香港風景設計的立身貼紙。原始設計的3D微縮模型、星月貼紙將是添加選項,供買家裝飾地球。