A20 – Want You Know, Wah Yan College, Kowloon


Tote bag
After having finished designing the bags, we had asked a local institute Flint Gift to help us with its printing. For its material, the bag is made of biodegradable and eco-friendly 8 oz white cotton cloth. Regarding the fictional character in the design of the bag, it is called “Dung Nam Jai”, which is the originally designed mascot of our company. The bag shows its sense of insecurity, fear as well as anxiety when it is meeting new friends in a new environment. We wish to raise the awareness of the general public about the adolescents’ social anxiety caused by their reduced socialisation under the epidemic. Recently, it is known that the general public lacks the understanding about the pressure encountered by HK students, resulting in adolescents not being able or brave enough to seek help from others. Therefore, by selling the bags, we wish to let the general public understand more about the problems faced by teenagers. Furthermore, we would try to collaborate with NGO in order to offer assistance to the juveniles in need.

The “Dung Nam Jai Badges” are designed by ourselves. Regarding the details of the badges, their surfaces are frusted and there is a safety pin on the back cover of every badge. There are 2 designs in total. The first one shows that “Dung Nam Jai” feels frustrated and depressed when he is facing his exam paper with low marks, given that he had already put a lot of effort in doing revision. On the other hand, the second one shows the large word “antisocial” in contrast to our mascot hiding at a corner, in an effort to depict the speechlessness and helplessness of juveniles facing their own mental problems. While dealing with the numerous problems about academics and socialising, people around teenagers such as their parents and friends may unintentionally give them much pressure, which may accumulate and lead to depression. As a result, we wish to emphasise the significance of a listener and platform for adolescents to express their feelings. Moreover, we would try to collaborate with NGO in an effort to offer professional assistance to teens.