A09 – R.Create, Ho Dao College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)


1)Keyring (HKD$15): We believe that the Regal Ice Cream Truck is a childhood memory of Hong Kong people, and most of us grow up alongside it. It’s a unique symbol exclusively in Hong Kong. By incorporating its design in our keyrings, we hope our product can remind you all of your beautiful memory as you carry it around, making you comfortable in your hard time.

Material : Acrylic

2)Mug (HKD$50): We have chosen a temperature-sensitive material in making this product. In the beginning, it seems that is just an ordinary black mug. However, if you pour some hot drinks into it, a street view of traditional Hong Kong will appear on the side of the mug. It is the place where our elders spent their childhood. We hope that this product could serve as a bridge between our old lives and the modern, giving youngers a glimpse into the prosperity of Hong Kong towns at that time. And let you have a little surprise and excitement every time you grab yourself a drink.

Customization option also available, contact us for more information.

Material: Ceramics

3)Luggage tag (HKD$25): If you are a fan of Ice Cream truck design, but prefer something more practical, we offer a luggage tag in the same design as well. With the luggage tag attached, you can spot your luggage long way from the conveyor belt. Avoiding the annoying possible confusion during your trip. The back of the tag is available for you to leave your contact information for backage delivery in case accidents happened.

Material: Acrylic

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