11 – ScenTress, Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School


To help with teenagers who suffering from daily stress🧠💥 and emotional distress😮‍💨
We introduce our original design of Amulet and Herbal Bolsters.
So as to improve their negative emotions 🌅

【Herbal Bolsters】(HKD$65)

🐻Red Leaf Clothing:
The bear wearing a red scarf 🧣 and a bow headwear 🎀
Hope you can feel the warmth in the cold weather☃️☀️

🐻 Warrior Clothing:
With a blue sword 🗡️ and a bear in a red cloak.
Hope everyone can become a warrior when encountering adversity in life and face the difficulties bravely 💫

🌟Dried flowers will be placed in the bolsters. Both sleeping pillows have dried lavender flowers and dried rose flowers to choose from.
It allows customers to choose according to the different effects of aromas to meet their needs 🛒

By hugging the Herbal Bolsters, they are not only give a feeling of peace of mind and companionship from sleep, but also help relieve stress 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️


Amulet refers to a kind of protection in Japan 🎎
It can often be seen or purchased in shrines⛩️ and temples.
✅ Has the function of praying for protection
✅ At the same time, it has also been used to ward off evil spirits and relieve bad luck, and gradually derived from all aspects of life, including traffic safety, wealth, safe birth, good luck, academics, health, etc.
Amulet symbolizes desire and protection 🙌🏻
✅ Amulet is cheap and can also be used as a pendant
✅ Excellent gift 🎁
💭 There are many kinds of Amulet, and different Amulet have different functions, such as Fengshui Amulet, lucky Amulet, lucky Amulet, beauty Amulet, fate knot Amulet, lucky Amulet, auspicious Amulet, etc.

And we introduce 3 types of Amulet with meanings 🌟
1️⃣ Health Amulet (Rose flavor): Pray for good health and safety 🔆
2️⃣ Victory Amulet (Lavender flavor): Pray for success in business and victory in competitions🏆
(everything wins)
3️⃣ Self-improvement Amulet (Jasmine flavor): The words “”Self-improvement”” on it which integrates the spirit of YLMASS into the Amulet, representing the spirit of the people of YLMASS to work hard and never give up💪🏻🔥

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