26 – Shine, FDBWA Szeto Ho Secondary School


1. Dried Flowers Greeting Cards (HKD$18)
We use preserved flowers, striped paper fixed with DIY stickers. They can be used for greetings, invitations and messages for the loved ones. Each card is decorated with a mini preserved flower bouquet!

Size: 5.25cmX7.425cm
Weight: 2.3g
Package: Transparent plastic bags .
P.S. Blank inside the card, having enough space for different messages.

Types of flowers: Baby’s Breath(different colors), Crystal Grass(different colors), forget me not(different colors), Hydrangea, Crystal Grass (Original color)

-100% Handmade and made by colorful flowers.
-Printed with languages of flowers.
-Made by high-quality paper, having a rough surface texture for long-term shortage.

2. Herbarium Pen (HKD$58)
Real flowers floating inside. It is made of metal, herbarium oil, beads and real flowers. Our logo is engraved on some of the pens. Even if the pen is the same colour, the atmosphere changes if the chosen colours of the flowers are different. It is unique and exceptional.

Size:length 14cm
Refill-Ink Chamber:0.7mm length black ink
Colors of the barrel available﹕white, tiffany blue, camellia red, coral, blue, yellow, blue, magiccolor, rose gold, blue with hearts, purple with hearts.

-User-friendly by turning the tip around
-Beautiful and unique.
-For daily use.
-The ink chamber can be refilled and durable.

3. DIY Micro Landscape (HKD$168)
Animal figures are put inside the big grass ball with preserved flowers. Mimicking a real garden, the glass ball garden gives us a stress-free atmosphere. It can be used for presents for friends or decoration at home. Installing a LED light bulb inside is another alternative.

Size: The size is about 12 * 11.5 cm
Types: Rabbit under the flower tree(with LED lights), Bear in the garden, Hamster in the garden, Secret garden

-For decorations and can be used as a night-light.
-Can be presents and gifts for friends.
-A shelf life of one year to three years.

4. Crystal ball keychain (HKD$50)
Made of glass ball, herbarium oil, real flowers, beads and sparkling glitters installed with metal keychains.
It is unique, exceptional and elegant. It can be used to decorate handbags, bags and as accessories.

Types: golden color keychains (with blue/pink/green/yellow tassels), silver keychains without tassels
Size: diameter of grass ball 16/20mm

– Elegant and graceful
– Colorful dried flowers inside

5. Crystal ball necklace (HKD$55)
Made of herbarium oil, real flowers, beads and sparkling glitters installed with a necklace (gold plated trim, silver plated trim, leather chain).
It is unique, exceptional and elegant and can be accessories on its own.
Pendant measures 15/16/20mm with gold plated trim, silver plated trim or leather chain.

-Pendant is filled with dried flowers.
– Charmingly unique, pressed flower jewelry is handcrafted from real flowers.
– Beautiful necklace that keeps you looks smart and stylish.