19 – PIKCUP, Po Leung Kuk Lee Shing Pik College


Our products are PIKCUP and cup sleeves.

The size of PIKCUP is 16.5 cm in height x 9 cm in width, and the capacity is 500 ml.

The lid of PIKCUP is made of plastic, while the body of the cup is made of 304 stainless steel to ensure durability and no deformation.  In terms of color, you can choose matte black or smooth white.

The heat resistance of PIKCUP is -20° to 110°, and the heat preservation effect lasts for 6 to 8 hours.  It is suitable for people who like cold drinks and hot drinks. The bottom of PIKCUP has a non-slip pad to help you who often accidentally drop the cup.

Moreover, there is an NFC chip in the PIKCUP anti-skid pad. When you use your mobile phone near the bottom of the PIKCUP, you will go to our website, you can learn more about our company, and count how much water you drink that day. And we will also provide some knowledge and practices of healthy drinks, so that you can “”drink”” to be healthy.

Finally, PIKCUP has passed the Security detection to ensure your safety.

Cup sleeves (HKD$28)  * + HKD$15 for customisation *
For the cup sleeve , it is made of artificial leather. It has 8 cm high, 26 cm for the upper wide and 22.5 cm for the lower wide. Also, The cup sleeve has a strap, which is 1.9 cm in width x 39 cm in length, so that it will be convenient for the one who don’t want to carry it by hand.

For the colour , you can choose a grey base with a black logo or a brown base with a gold logo. What’s more , since the cup sleeve is customised, you can design the specific patterns and words by yourself !