13 – Neon, Kwun Tong Maryknoll College

Neon Canvas Bag (HKD$30)

The image on the canvas bag is our company’s icon: the Chinese word of neon, represented by a neon sign.
The quotation near the image is the slogan of our company: Light Hong Kong with neon.
This represents the business philosophy of our company Neon.

Dimension: L:40cm x W:35cm
The unique key features of the bag are:
– Scratch, tear, and abrasion resistance
– Lightweight

Slang Key Chain (HKD$25)
The keychains are designed according to the neon signs in streets in Hong Kong. The words emblazoned on the keychain are popular slang among Hong Kong teenagers.
It represents the Hong Kong slag culture.

「知我咩料啦」design: L : 7cm x W : 2cm
「走先啦」design: L : 5cm x W : 3cm
「搞唔掂」design: L : 7cm x W : 4cm

The unique key features of key chains are:
– Stylish
– Lightweight

Neon Umbrella (HKD$70)
The image on the umbrella is created by combining neon signs of different shops in Hong Kong. This represents the diversity of types of neon signs in Hong Kong.
Dimension: diameter of the umbrella: 95cm H:59cm

The unique key features of our umbrella are:
– UV proof ( Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50+)
– suitable for both sunny and rainy seasons
– Lightweight and smooth texture

How to order? DM us via Instagram! @neon_ktmcjacompany