25 – Orenda, St. Francis’ Canossian College


Hello everyone. We are Orenda, a JA company from St. Francis’ Cannossian College.🌏

‘Orenda’, our company name means an extraordinary invisible power. We wish to raise HongKongers’ concern about the visually impaired group, and that their voice could be heard.πŸ’«

Owing to a time that we joined an activity called ‘Dialogue in the Dark’, we surprisingly experienced the daily lives of the visually impaired, such as going to the market, playing basketball and going on ferries in full darkness. We discovered a familiar but new world, where we use our five sense except the sense of sight.πŸ’‘

Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired, founded by a volunteer team in 1987, is the one and only school for visually impaired for now in Hong Kong. 🏫

We are very glad to be able to collaborate with the school. Their student will deliver their message to the public through our products. We hope that the public can learn more about the visually impaired, and also can be more concerned about different groups in the society.πŸ’‘

Stay tuned to our instagram @jacp.orenda πŸ“Œ