45 – Gong2talk, Liu Po Shan Memorial College


Our company has launched an iPad cover (HKD$99) with Hong Kong’s unique culture as the background, which integrates buildings, snacks, minibus signs, street signs, neon lights, school uniforms, and slangs full of Hong Kong characteristics into the same picture, and it is printed on the iPad case. These patterns are all designed by our students, which are unique. Three-fold and book styles of the iPad cover are also available for customers to choose according to their preferences. The book style is double-sided printed, so the other side is printed with our company’s logo. The three-fold type is printed on one side only, and the other side is a transparent protective case. Both models have a pen slot, and most versions of iPad can be customized. For the color, only white color is available for the time being. In addition, there are five types of slangs on the street signs to choose from, which are respectively “做人如果冇夢想,同咸魚有咩分別”, “我不是誰,我是説在座的各位都是垃圾”, “尷尬囉”, “掂過碌蔗” and ” siu4″, in order to meet the needs of different customers.

The material used in the iPad case: tpu
The characteristics of tpu material are:
. high wear resistance
. oil-proof, water-proof, fungus resistance
. high tension
. environmentally friendly
. shocking absorption performance is outstanding

The main features of our iPad case are:
1 : High shocking absorption ability
2 : easy to be used
3: Three-fold type—dual-purpose stand
. View Mode: Acts as a monitor stand
. Input Mode: Acts as a keyboard stand

Our company has designed 5 different themes of multifunctional bottles (HKD$28) based on various Hong Kong symbolic snacks and popular slangs. They are respectively “做人如果冇夢想,同咸魚有咩分別”,”我不是誰,我是説在座的各位都是垃圾”,”尷尬囉”,”掂過碌蔗” and “siu4”. In addition, some popular local food, such as salted fish, red bean pudding, egg waffle, Hong Kong-style milk tea and pineapple bun with butter, appear in the design as a local feature. The volume of the bottle is 45mL and it is capable of storing liquid, such as water and alcohol hand sanitizer.