2 – Égalité, Open Track Team 6


iPad/Macbook pouch: 🤍
Here comes our first product – iPad/macbook pouches that come in sizes 11-inch and 13-inch!
They are highly customizable✨We provide 4 color options and embroidered badges with distinctive designs🕊All of the badges are specially designed based on our theme, gender equality, we hope y’all find them adorable and meaningful⚖️

•Color: ash blue/avocado green/creamy white/black
•Size: 11 inch/13 inch
•Price: HKD$120 (+$10 for customising your own pouch✨)
•IG DM for any enquiries and order❗️

Here comes our second product – the Égalité bracelet! With the name of our company engraved on it, we hope to promote gender equality and fight against discrimination. We also provide the option of carving your name on the bracelet. Through this, we wish to convey the message that your participation is essential for this revolution.

•Colour: Silver
•Price: HKD$60 (with free engraving)