Confiar, International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School

Multi-using kitchen towels can result in bacterial growth and cause food poisoning. Therefore, we designed two towels with cute patterns to indicate each towel’s function, table wiping and dishwashing, making them easier to distinguish. The towels are made out of bamboo fiber, which have antibacterial function and strong detergency, which makes cleaning more convenient.

Our designs aimed at raising people’s awareness on protecting animals and providing a suitable tool for customers to store their documents. Therefore, our designs are two felt file bags, with patterns of dog and cats printed on it. Besides, the short phrase “stay paw-sitive” is also printed on the file bag in order to remind people that it is important for us to always be positive.

We will donate 5% of our sales revenue to MCCC to encourage our customers to protect the animals together.


為了提高大眾對保護動物的意識,以及讓買家能收納好他們的文件,我們設計了兩款淺灰色毛氈布文件袋,分別印上了貓和狗的圖案,以宣揚保護動物的議題。此外,文件袋上亦印有「stay-paw-sitive」 的英文字句,希望籍此鼓勵買家抱持正面態度。