Tomorole, Po Leung Kuk Lo Kit Sing (1983) College

Inspired by advent calendars, each compartment reveals a possible job in the future aiming at leading students to look ahead to the future market and plan for their careers. Also, The theme of the e-magazine is career planning. The tattoo stickers can imprint words or the pictures we designed on the skin.

設計以百子櫃作為理念,大廈中的各個辦公室各有不同屬於未來的職業,以有趣形式引導同學憧憬未來,並作出規劃。另外,E magazine 的內容主要題八個我們推估的未來職業介紹以及分析。最後,紋身貼紙可以把獨特的圖案和文字印在皮膚上。