Star Cluster, Munsang College (Hong Kong Island)

First of all, the size of our Single-lined Papers is A4. Our papers are thicker than usual and therefore it is not easy to lead to ink-seeping and make the papers seem dirty. Moreover, their spacing is wider than that of a vast majority of schools. It consequently enables us to write conveniently.
Next, our second product is Daily Planners, which are in A5 size. As the same as Single-lined Papers, our planners are thicker than usual. And thus, it is not easy to lead to ink-seeping and make the planners seem dirty. In addition, there are some columns, such as “schedule”, “things to do” for recording daily lives. They can also enable customers to arrange their time efficiently, developing self-discipline. Apart from these, Daily Planners have a column of “I am grateful for”, which is specially designed for customers to record their moments of happiness. We Star-Cluster-ers believe that customers can become more optimistic if they keep jotting down moments of happiness.
Finally, the last product provided is Cross-body Bags. They are available in black and white. Also, they have pockets for small items like keys, earphones, coins, tissues, and cards. Owing to the fact that bags and belts can be separated, bags can be freely combined with different colors of belts. It allows customers to have their creative juices flowed. Additionally, bags with two colors can be used on both sides and can be added with badges, having a large extent of flexibility.


接下來的是我們設計的日程表,其尺寸為A5,同様比一般書寫紙厚,更不容易滲墨。另外,日程表內設有“schedule”, “things to do”等等的格子,能夠記錄我們每一天的生活點滴,同時亦能更有效率地安排自己的時間,培養起自律的態度。除此之外,日程表更設有“I am grateful for”的格子,相信顧客若堅持每天記錄開心的時刻,就能夠變得樂觀起來。