s-bag-cial, United Christian College (Kowloon East)

The products we~s.bag.cial are selling includes tote bag, strap bag, folder, pencil case and card holder. They are uniquely designed by our professional designers with the theme of Hong Kong culture. Inspired by the situation now in Hong Kong, we aim to let Hong kong people realising how beautiful and gorgeous is the place Hong Kong.

筆袋,斜孭袋,文件夾,筆袋,卡套是我們s.bag.cial 所售賣的產品。基於香港現時情況,產品的設計將以香港特色為主題,希望喚起香港人的共鳴之餘,期盼在亂世中重拾香港人共同擁有的回憶。