Rétro2070’s, ECF Saint Too Canaan College

As childhood memories become gradually blurred, only the search for related things will gradually wake up the memories hidden in my (HongKongers) heart, so our company draws many different Hong Kong nostalgic things based on different themes and is unique to Hong Kong, such as , pineapple bun , egg tarts , moon cakes , etc. We put the designs we drew on keychains and coin bags , we hope that Hong Kong people will still remember the unique characteristics of Hong Kong .

由於兒時的回憶變得漸漸模糊,唯有尋找相關事物 令藏在心底裏的那份回憶漸漸甦醒,所以我們公司根據不同的主題繪畫出許多不同的香港懷舊事物而且是香港獨有的, 例如菠蘿油,蛋撻,月餅等,我們把我們畫出的設計放在鎖匙扣及散紙包上, 藉此希望香港人還記起香港獨有的特色。