Recurring, Open Track Team 2

We are 0.111(Recurring)! The first ‘1’, is you, every unique you. The second ‘1’, me, is our affiliation for you. The third ‘1’ is us, is our unique resonance.
Our product is a 15-inch laptop bag with an inflatable pillow attached. The laptop bag comes in two different materials, canvas and felt. The designs of our product are based on the theme ‘ ‘affiliation in diversity’.
We understand the hectic schedule of all Hong Kong people, and we hope that our products could bring everyone a pleasant break.

我地係 0.111(Recurring)! 第一個壹,是你,是每一個獨特的你;第二個壹,是我,是我們對於你的用心;第三個壹,是我們,是我們之間獨有的共鳴。

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