Peppa Bag, South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School

With the rising of Japanese and South Korean’s trend culture, the tote bag has become a must-have product for everyone. The canvas bag has a variety of styles and styles. It is simple and colorful, and it is written with the same slogan. Our tote bag is mainly based on simplicity, and the simple and generous style can make people feel comfortable and comfortable. You can carry them with many occasions. Our generous tote bag uses materials such as denim canvas linen, etc. In addition, it is environmentally friendly. Using the material system to recover the old clothes from the students, we hope to take this opportunity to improve the environmental awareness of the students.

隨著日韓流嘅興起,帆布袋成為每個人必備嘅產物。帆布袋有好多種唔同嘅風格, 有啲簡約,有啲色彩繽紛,有啲就寫上唔同嘅標語;我哋設計嘅帆布袋就以簡約為主,簡約嘅風格可以畀人一種舒適嘅感覺,喺好多唔同嘅場合都可以攜帶我哋嘅帆布袋使用嘅物料包括牛仔布帆布亞麻布等。此外,為咗響應環保,部分採用嘅物料係嚟自回收同學嘅舊衣物 希望可以藉此機會提高同學們嘅環保意識。