Nameabottle, Chinese International School

Nameabottle is the first product created by the newly created water bottle company Nameabottle. It is a water bottle made of stainless steel, targeted for customers of all ages, especially teenagers and adults. Nameabottle comes in white with a silver cap, and in the front showing a splash of sweet bright colors from the official company logo of Nameabottle, displaying a simple and refreshing appearance for customers. Nameabottle has one of the most interesting design and structure among other water bottles. Apart from its 600 mL capacity, the most appealing feature of Nameabottle is the ability for customers to customize the bottle by including a customer’s name imprinted beside the company logo. Also, Nameabottle is an eco-friendly product and helps minimize pollution around the world. Its materials are all made from natural elements and the entire product being decomposable and recyclable compared to other materials such as plastic. With the customer’s name included in the design of the bottle, this signifies the customer’s support for environmentally friendly acts and products.

Nameabottle has a very durable and practical design. With the use of strong steel and metal, it is difficult for the bottle to gain scratches and damages, and the light weight of the flask allows its customer to carry it comfortably and regularly. The metal cap of the bottle allows the easiness for it to be removed from the bottle and prevents leakage of liquid when tightened to the bottle. To add, Nameabottle is a very safe product to use, with no possibility for the leaching of chemicals unlike plastic water bottles, and the surface of the flask being very smooth and therefore good for regular use. Nameabottle is especially ideal to use for hot and humid climates, as the bottle is able to keep water cold for consumption, delivering a crisp taste of the water to the customer of the bottle.

Through Nameabottle, our company would like to encourage the people of Hong Kong to always be aware of the region’s current environmental condition and help support a good cause toward nature. Using Nameabottle would not only help make Hong Kong a less polluted place for people to be in, but also helps the user save money and the environment from frequently buying plastic water bottles.