Doll jeng, The HKMA K S Lo College

Hey there! Here in “Dolljeng” we sell a wide range of delicate and cute stuffed toys. Each toy has its own hand-made accessory, like bow ties, caps, which makes them truely one of its kind. What is more perfect than giving our stuffed animals as a Christmas present?

Hello! 我地係Doll Jeng company,我地公司售賣唔同精緻,可愛嘅公仔,全部都經過同學嘅悉心加工,每隻公仔上面都有唔同嘅配飾,例如:蝴蝶結、披肩等小飾物 ,令每隻公仔都係獨一無二。臨近聖誕,本公司嘅產品用嚟送禮都絕對係一個唔錯嘅選擇,希望大家會多多支持。