deja vu, Diocesan Girls’ School

deja vu proudly presents to you our crossbody tote bags. The small sized crossbody tote bag with a tag featuring a hand-drawn view of Victoria Harbour along with ‘deja vu’ attached to the bag. The medium sized one features the magnificent Victoria Harbour view design. Our crossbody tote bags also come with a set of four Hong Kong style metal pins, which are inspired by the distinctive local transport, street food and wedding tradition. You could attach the metal pins on your tote bag, giving it a unique and authentic taste of the local culture! Looking for something that helps organizing your notes? This paper clip set is definitely perfect for you! Our paper clips designs are inspired by different elements of Hong Kong’s unique culture, including the classic neon signs, iced lemon tea, Tsim Sha Tsui clock tower, rickshaw and the black-faced spoonbill. The paper clips come in a set of 25 and are handy to use while giving your paperwork a hint of the local culture.