Connect, Delia Memorial School (Glee Path)

Connect’s Straw Wheat Cup designs raises awareness about the impacts of neglecting our environment; increase of natural disasters due to global warming, water pollution, air pollution and problems of excessive waste causing no space in our landfills to encourage people to be mindful of their actions that causes environmental harm which is why our cup is perfect for convenience replacing the common plastic bottle. Our cup is biodegradable and is made up of a new kind of environmental high polymer compound material (PP) that’s mixed with rice husk, straw as well as PP by a profound technology featuring characteristics to common plastic. It can be widely used in food commodities that naturally degrades after a long time of landfilling.

Connect設計的麥維杯是希望透過杯身的設計和杯的特質來引起社會各界對環境破壞的意識。Connect 的杯共有四大圍繞着環境問題的設計。設計意念包括全球暖化, 水污染, 空氣污染和過多廢物排放的問題。Connect 希望透過這些設計來讓大眾知道環境問題日漸增長。除了杯身的設計,製造杯的材料是希望可以取代原本市面流行的塑膠杯。這種麥做纖維杯,使用了天然的材料去製成的。這個杯比起傳統的塑膠杯有一個最大的好處,就是棄用時能溶解於大自然環境,不會䆁出有毒成份。