Blossom Story, HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College

Blossom Story 顧名思義係綻放的故事。花開時刻,正如我們每個人的花樣年華。然而,花綻放的那一瞬間卻只是曇花一現,每每綻放過後才懷念當初綻放的一瞬。如今,我們將花朵綻放的樣子保存下來,如同將每一個人的花樣年華留下來。

The floral time is the moment everyone change their youth. The most splendid moments of flower is just like the golden time of everyone. However, the moment when the flower blooms is a flash in the pan. People cherish the memory after the flower’s blossom. Now, let us save the moment of the flower blooming, just like saving the youth of everyone’s.