17 – RE’B0RN, Leung Shek Chee College


*Bamboo Fiber Cup & Canvas Cup Sleeve (HKD$89)*
*Single Canvas Cup Sleeve (HKD20@1, HKD38@2)*

Simple, lightweight and less plastic, is the idea of ​​making bamboo fiber water cups.  Using bamboo fiber, our company name “”RE’B0RN”” is printed on it.  There are two colors of water cups, beige and gray-blue.  A reusable drinking straw will be given as a gift.

The canvas cup sleeve is printed with pictures of melting glaciers and water pollution, so as to draw public attention to environmental issues, which is our design concept.  The cup sleeve is made of insulating material, which can reduce the risk of being scalded.

Cup capacity: 450mL
*Note that the acceptable temperature is -20°C~100°C
Cup sleeve size: the upper diameter is about 8.5cm (flat surfaces 12.3cm) and the height is 7.0cm
*Can be placed in dishwasher, sterilizer, refrigerator
*Do not place in microwave ovens or ovens

The unique key features of our cup and cup sleeves are:
– Designed with environmental awareness
– No harmful materials to human body and environment
– Easy to carry

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