34 – Pasión, Munsang College (Hong Kong Island)


—Keychains— (HKD$15)
The keychains are made with acrylic glue, mainly because acrylic glue is not easy to be damaged and has strong repairability.

LENGTH – about 5CM

PATTERN – We use a series of cute cartoon characters ,range from shark to jellyfish and whales ,meaning that we should stop harming animal below water so as to raise buyers’ awareness of protecting the ocean.

—26-hole punched loose-leaf paper—
The 26-hole punched loose-leaf paper features handprinted design . With different styles of whales and ocean pattern stamps ,reminding us to protect the whales and ocean ,without any pollutions, our ocean and the whales will be more beautiful than before and no more extinction of whale. There will be two types of loose-leaf paper ,one is single lined paper (HKD$26 – 60 pages) with hand printed designs and the other one is graph paper (HKD$18 – 60 pages) without the hand-printed designs .

SIZE – B5 (17.2 x 25.5cm / 6.77 x 10.0 Inches )

MATERIAL – Our paper is made without fluorescein and carcinogen,
and it’s light and smooth to write.

COLOUR – ivory tint for reduced eye strain .

OTHERS – It allows for adding the pad or individual sheets to any standard 26-ring binder.

—Loose-leaf notebook cover— (HKD$36)
The loose-leaf notebook cover features a hot-stamping design to raise the awareness of the protection of our ocean. To call attention to the endangerment of whales and serious water pollution.

SIZE – B5 (28.2 x 21.5cm / 11.1 x 8.46 inches )

MATERIAL – Our notebook cover is made of kraft paper with hot-stamping design .It has 26-ring binders and made of metal.

—Bucket hat— (Black: HKD$108; Blue and white tie-dye Limited Edition: HKD$168)
The bucket hat features a geometric design to remind us of humans’ harmful effects on the ocean. Sketching is used to create the unique whale pattern on the hat with a 3D effect. The geometric shapes dividing the whale represent the various types of harm humanity has inflicted on the oceans and marine life.

MATERIAL – Our bucket hat is made of cotton with nice and soft texture. It is suitable for daily use.

COLOUR – Simple and unisex black with white sketching is available. For limited edition, a blue and white tie-dye pattern is available as well.

SIZE – Free size ( head circumference between 57.5cm and 58cm)

—Second-hand denim coin purse—
The second hand denim coin purse features special appearance.
With creative imagination, it’s look like a stingray.
It also reminds us of the 4Rs :Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace!

LENGTH – 10cm / 3.93 inches wide , 7cm / 2.76 inches high

COLOUR – Blue , black , white

MATERIAL – our coin purse is made of second hand denim trousers and skirts. It’s handmade.