46 – Inheritance, Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)


Vintage Memo (HKD$32)
Credit to the charismatic movies, Hong Kong film industry was another legendary industry. The two sets of memo designs comprise components regarding the local films, including well-known lines, iconic scenes and unique poster font respectively. We believe that by merging these components into daily necessities, it helps promote the classics to the new generations.

Dimension: 21cm x 8cm x 0.7cm (LxWxH)

•Helps cut through the clutter and increases your efficiency
•Eye-catching designs get noticed and keeps life simple
•50 sheets / pad

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Tie-dye Drawstring Bag (HKD$52)
This drawstring bag is lightweight and is adjustable with two strings. Crafted from nylon, this drawstring bag is energized with a vibrant tie-dye motif and accented with the inspirational quote at the front. Tie-dye has a history of 1500 years in China and reached its peak in the Tang Dynasty. This drawstring bag can provide adequate storage space for trips to the gym, outdoor gatherings, and other common uses.

Dimension:42cm x 33cm (LxW)

•Material: Nylon
•Waterproof, lightweight and foldable
•Large volume and spacious
•Suitable for all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities

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Vinyl Record “Plate” (HKD$42)
During the old days when Canto-pop was a prominent legend in the music industry, vinyl record plates were undeniably one of the iconic symbols. Shouting-out to these legends, we have designed a sticker with elements relating to the HK 80s and 90s, including the antiquated signs, Hong Kong cuisine and traditional mahjong as well as a plate with remarkable lyrics. Simply treating them as plates and stickers or getting containers with a vinyl record plate outlook by pasting the stickers to the plates are both encouraged.

Dimension: 24.3cm x 2.9cm (Diameter x Height)

•Printed with Hong Kong traditional patterns
•Engraved with inspirational song lyrics
•Can store food, accessories, stationeries, etc.
•Aesthetic home decorations

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