48 – BO Company, ECF Saint Too Canaan College


Our products are tie-dyed with different colors on cloth products such as cloth bags, drink bags, cloth caps, etc. Also, ironed with various patterns so that customers can choose their favorite colors and patterns on their products. The brand theme is “bring out the color”, and dyeing the color on the original white cloth is just in line with the theme of our product itself. We hope everyone can step out the colour and live a wonderful life.

1. Cloth Bag (HKD$50)
– Dimension:32*38cm
– Weight: 80g

2. Backpack (HKD$45)
– Dimension: 27*35cm
– Weight: 75g

3. Drawstring Bag (HKD$30)
– Dimension: 15*21cm
– Weight: 30g

4. Drinks Bag (HKD$30)
– Dimension:
Handle height: 18-20cm
Cup sleeve height: 6.5-8cm
Cup sleeve upper width: 10-14cm
Cup sleeve lower width: 9-12cm
– Weight: 12g
**Note ️: This product cannot be tie-dyed**

5. Pencil Case – Square (HKD$35)
– Dimension: 13*22.5cm
– Weight: 30g

6. Pencil Case – Cylindrical (HKD$35)
– Dimension: 11*21cm
– Weight: 30g

7. Bucket Hat – Size S (HKD$40)
– Head circumference:52-54cm
– Weight: 50g
**Suitable for kids**

8. Bucket Hat – Size M (HKD$45)
– Head circumference:56-58cm
– Weight: 60g

📣Delivery cost:50-100g = $5.2 ; 250g = $7.5 ; 500g = $14