Treasure, China Holiness Church Living Spirit College

This scented sachet is made from various natural spices, including natural lavender and rose petal. Some Hong Kong local elements are imbedded, for instance, some unique landmarks and historical buildings in Hong Kong and special attractions. Besides, in order to turn it to be more domestic, some colloquial expressions would be printed on the package, such as “Hang in there! Give it all you’ve got!”, “Whatever will be, will be!”, “Give me a break! Stop this non-sense!”, etc.

我們製作的香包以天然薰衣草、玫瑰碎花等乾花香料製成,再加入本地元素,例如: 香港地標特色建築物和特色景點,還有本地潮語:俾啲掙扎、永遠佛系、俾我抖下。