Terra, The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education

Terra is a passionate and ethical fashion brand based in Hong Kong. We believe that the Earth is what we all have in common. In a landfill, some fabrics take up hundreds of years to biodegrade. The decomposition of fabrics like lycra can release harmful gases like methane. Terra uses 100% biodegradable organic cotton in our fashion wear and tote bags. We’re dedicated to promoting the movement of living the Earth environmentally and encouraging the act of care and sustainability.

我哋希望以一份綿薄之力支持環保。有見於製衣業為全球第二大污染行業,我哋採用有機棉t恤以及純天然可分解棉布袋,以公司創作故事 “Stort of Terra” 為背景,設計一系列嘅Terra t恤、棉布袋。Terra 結合環保、美觀、創意、實惠,希望每一位想支持環保嘅大家都能夠同我哋一齊守護地球!」