Noïa, YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College

Noïa, a JA Company, is proud to present our two sweatshirts: Growth and Change.

The Growth Sweatshirt comes in white with an eye-catching design on the left chest area: a hand with flowers blooming out of it. This represents a helping hand and encourages personal growth. “Empower” is printed in a sleek black font on the right sleeve.

The Change Sweatshirt comes in maroon with a statement design on the back: a sakura branch symbolising spring. The front is minimalist, featuring our company name (Noïa) printed on the left chest area.

They are made of 100% CVC and lined with fleece, providing extra warmth and comfort.

大家好,我們是 Noïa, a JA Company。我們很開心可以介紹我們的產品就是Growth 和 Change 運動衫。

Growth 運動衫的胸部为白色,其醒目的設計是;一隻手上開出一朵花。這代表了幫助,以及鼓勵個人成長。同時右袖子上印有Empower字樣。