NA+, Open Track Team 4

NA+ uses nature, fire and water as our design theme. These are indispensable elements of the nature. In real life, water can cause fire to burn, or it can let the fire extinguish. These natural elements manifest the complexity of nature and all matter by breaking down into simpler substances.

Each of the elements are interdependent and combine to form different chemical reactions. Despite the constant changes of the Earth, there are things that remain the same just as fire and water. They follow the established set of rules, never deviate from their definite paths or go astray.

NA +以大自然,火與水為設計主題。現實生活中,水可以被火點燃,或是撲滅火種。兩者均是大自然不可或缺的元素,以簡單的形式將自然生態系統的複雜性一一呈現。

自然界中的每個元素都是相互依存的,結合在一起將產生不同的化學反應。 即使面對世事的多變,總有事物仍與火與水一樣,遵從原有的規則,保持初心,永不偏離既定的軌道。