KongNect, Open Track Team 3

Aim: To facilitate customers alleviating stress sourced from a heavy workload with a clear system of goal-setting and schedule-planning.
Includes cycles of 1 weekly-planning page & 7 daily-planning pages (Total: 3 months of usage), guideline sheet to demonstrate our recommended use of the planner.

KongNect Planner採用以鐘樓,電車和具標誌性的香港街景等地標為主要設計。Kongnect Planner 內含每週一頁“一週計畫”,七頁“一天計劃”,總計三個月的用量,方便用家紀錄每週和每天的目標。另外,我們特設讓用家可以抄下勵志名言的空間一邊用家隨時查看。